Must have items for real Gamers!

fStill assuming your PC a complete Gaming Setup? Sorry its not! Gaming has be re-defined in today’s era. In this article we are sharing Must Have Items for Real Gamers. One of all the listed items may be required to complete your high-end gaming setup.

G300 Wired Gaming Mouse 2500 DPI by Logitech
A right gaming mouse is often ignored but unless you have the right access to buttons on you fingers you can not play to optimum level. Wondering how G300 gaming mouse is different from your current mouse? It provides you a very fine grip, 9 different controls and intelligent setup feature. Intelligent setup feature remembers your config and allows you to use a unique setup for each of your games. You can download G300 configuration software from Logitech website. You can view this at epic buy.

Gaming Keyboard
A gaming keyboard looks totally different from a normal keyboard and a must own equipment for any gamer. You might think why you will require a gaming specific keyboard, but you will get to know the difference when you actually use one. You can program buttons according to your need and create a layout which suits you the best. Gaming keyboard usually comes in dark color and have LED lights which gives you a different feel when you play games on your PC in dark. We would recommend to go for Logitech RGB G910 Orion Spark Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This gaming keyboard gives a lot of freedom while customization and you can also sync it with your phone to check all your in game data on your smart phone. You can buy this from amazon for just $132.39.

Gaming Headphone
After reading this you will surely switch from your ordinary headphones to a gaming headphone. Your ordinary headphones aren’t designed to play for long sessions and don’t fit very easily. Gaming headphones can run for long hours and have very flexible fitting which can fit on any size of the head. Gaming headphones also come with a better sound clarity. Imagine you are playing a shooting game like Call of Duty and an enemy is shooting from a specific area, what ordinary headphone will make you listen is just a shooting voice but gaming headphones are designed to produce sound as per the location of the shooter which gives you an instant idea where the shooter is. We would recommend you to go for ersionTech KOTION EACH G2000. It has all the features you are looking for and it will cost you only $25.99

Mouse pad
I can bet many gamer use a mouse pad which they got free from a give away or a promotional event. Gamer with low sensitivity problem should buy a gaming mouse right now. A gaming mouse provides a very different surface. Mouse pads are available in different versions. Some are thick for gamer who need a thick and comfortable surface and some are textured surface. We would recommend you to go for Razer Firefly Chroma gaming mouse pad. It gives a perfect balance between the speed and the control. You can buy this gaming mouse pad for jus $49.99 from amazon.

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