MTV Roadies Rising 2016-2017

MTV Roadies is coming up with its next season X5: Roadies Rising. MTV Roadies is a very popular and a unique reality show where youngsters prove their mettle and face various challenges. Renault Roadies Rising X5 will be aired on MTV every Saturday & Sunday at 7:00 pm, starting from 25th February 2017.

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MTV Roadies Rising X5 Gang Leaders :-

  1. Rannvijay Singh
  2. Harbhajan Singh
  3. Neha Dhupia
  4. Karan Kundra
  5. Prince Narula

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition Locations :-

  1. Delhi
  2. Pune
  3. Ahmedabad
  4. Chandigarh

** The auditions of MTV Roadies Rising X5 started in Pune (on 27th November 2016) and ended in Chandigarh (on 10th December 2016).

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MTV Roadies Rising 2016 – 2017 will be following a similar format as seen in the previous seasons of this amazing show. Around 30 contestants will be selected for the show and there will be 2 wildcard entries as well. All the 5 Gang Leaders/Judges would be leading their team of contestants.

Renault Roadies Rising X5  is based on the enthusiasm of youngsters. Thus in this season of Roadies Rising, we will get to see a lot of rigorous and exciting challenges being faced by the various teams and their gang leaders.

Over the years MTV Roadies has emerged as a craze and a passion among the younger generation. Many youngsters dream day in and day out “of being a Roadie”. Roadies Rising X5 will be giving this opportunity to many such youngsters, who will fight hard to get that title of a “Roadie”.

Last season of this show(X4: Your Gang, Your Glory 2016), was hosted by Gaelyn Mendonca. Then who will be the host for this season(X5: Roadies Rising 2017)? Well that’s still a mystery!

But don’t worry! We’ll keep you updated on more amazing info & facts regarding your favorite reality show X5 : Roadies Rising 2016 – 2017.

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