How to fix the battery life of Reliance Jio Phones – Lyf phones?

Facing issues with the battery life of your Lyf phone or any other Reliance Jio phone? Must be! Need not worry anymore as our users have submitted solutions to Jio phones battery issue.

Charging with the original charger

Lyf phones mainly known for Jio phone sims are mid range phone and have 1-1.5A charging circuit. You conventional charger of 2Amp may charge the phone faster but no very efficiently. Most of the Lyf phones are not built for fast charging so using the fast charger on these devices reduce the battery life and battery tends to drain faster. Battery power display may read 100% but that doesn’t mean it will deliver the same efficiency as given by original charger.

Delete Facebook Messenger App till the time next update is released

Many users reported that the issue got rectified soon after they deleted Facebook Messenger App. Current facebook messenger for some unknown reason tends to drain battery of Lyf – Jio phones faster than usual. Surprisingly same problem was faced by no other manufacturers’ devices. Considering the users feedback we strongly recommend you deleting the said app and check if that makes a difference. Do comment your experience below.

Reduce the use of GPS

GPS is other well known cause for draining the battery. Lyf phones do not feature dimming of display on continuous usage due to which phone tends to consume more battery every time you forget to dim the screen during GPS usage.