Collection of Best Water Proof Fit Bit bands

Today we are gonna see collection of water proof fit bit bands. These are the best water proof fit bit bands to go for. Today an electronic gadget is of no use if it is not waterproof. Today not only athletes but more and more people are buying Fit Bit bands. But the problem with these fit bit bands is you cannot use them in a swimming pool or if you are jogging and it starts to rain you have to get the fit bit band under some cover so that it doesn’t get wet. If we miss any waterproof fit bit band here or you have any query regarding any waterproof fit bit band you can comment down and we will get back to you soon. Now let’s see some of the best waterproof Fit Bit bands.

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1. Garmin Vivoactive HR – Water Proof Fit Bit Band
Garmin Vivoactive HR is the best waterproof fit bit watch we have ever seen.Garmin Vivoactive HR comes is a waterproof fit bit watch which comes with GPS and its display is sunlight readable display along with HD color touchscreen which makes it easy to read the watch even during bright sunlight. It has all the sports app pre-installed like running, biking, swimming and it does not even require a Bluetooth connection with the phone. One thing which makes this waterproof fit bit watch class apart is its 8 days battery life and upto 13 hours of non-stop GPS usage. Some of the fit bit band even today requires you to wear the chest strap to measure the heart rate and give you a more accurate data. But Garmin Vivoactive HR being the best waterproof fit bit watch, you need not wear any chest strap. What makes this waterproof fit bit band amazing is how it can run whole day and keep you notified. Garmin Vivoactive HR gives a very accurate data through notification on your waterproof fit bit of all your steps and floors climbed. Any fit bit band can measure the the distance you have run or the kms you have been running your cycle but Garmin Vivoactive HR can offer details of your swimming experience without destroying the waterproof fit bit band. It can show you the distance you have swam and the breaks you have taken and give more deeper detials like stroke count and types of stroke. In the end it even gives you a summary of all the exercise you have done in the day.

You can buy this waterproof fit bit for just $249.99.

2. Apple Watch Series 2 – Water Proof Fit Bit Band
Apple Watch Series 2 is the latest waterproof fit bit watch from Apple. You know every gadget list is incomplete without Apple products being there in the list. Apple Watch Series 2 has built in GPS and it is water resistance up to 50 meters. Apple Watch Series 2 comes with the latest processor of dual core providing lightning fast speed which makes your waterproof fit bit watch unstoppable. It’s display is very bright and screen can be read easily even during bright sunlight which was becoming quite difficult in their previous edition of waterproof fit bit band. Apple Watch Series 2 has loads of pre-installed sports app which helps you to stay active and fit and also motivated.  Many users were unhappy with previous edition of Apple’s waterproof fit bit because of no GPS and therefore people had to take their iPhone whenever they went out for a run. Apple Watch Series 2 comes with very accurate GPS which lets you measure your tracks while keeping your iPhone at your home. You can even use Apple Watch Series 2 while swimming as this is a waterproof fit bit band. Apple Watch Series 2 is said to have a very good heart rate sensor which continuously measures your heart rate. Like the previous waterproof fit bit we have seen even Apple Watch Series 2 comes with a 50m water resistant and Apple Watch Series 2 is the only waterproof fit bit which can produce sound even under water. A unique feature which very few waterproof fit bit provides is cordless music listening facility. You can now connect your AirPods with your Apple Watch Series 2 and enjoy music wireless while you are jogging or biking.

You can buy this waterproof fit bit for just $369.

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3. Fitbit Flex 2 – Water Proof Fit Bit Band
Our 3rd best waterproof fit bit would be Fitbit Flex 2. But what makes Fitbit Flex 2 one of the best waterproof bit fit? Fitbit Flex 2 is very stylish and customizable. It is the slimmest waterproof fit bit ever and comes with a removable tracket which fits inside the band easily. Fitbit Flex 2 with a long lasting battery and it tracks your steps and the distance you have travelled whole day and shows the whole data on its app. It even shows more data like the calories you have burned and for how many hours was your body active and for how many hours it was just stationary. It tells you how much time did you sleep and even shows how much time you should sleep in a day. It even has a silent alarm. You can set up alarm using their app and your waterproof fit bit will start vibrating to wake you up just on time. Now coming to the main part, Fitbit Flex 2 is fully waterproof and can measure your swimming exerciser quite precise. Apart from these this waterproof fit bit has many more amazing features like calls and text notifications, the waterproof fit bit vibrates whenever you receive a text or a call and also the LED light turn on. The way this waterproof fit bit motivates you to stay active is quite amazing. Fitbit Flex 2 send your reminders to move your body from time to time and it comes with a 5 day battery life.

You can buy this waterproof fit bit for just $99.95

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4. Moov Now – Water Proof Fit Bit Band
Moov Now is one the most unique waterproof fit bit. Moov Now is your real time audio coach which talks to you while you are running or cycling and is one the most advanced waterproof fit bit. Imagine you are jogging early morning and you hear a voice in your ears, “Come on you can do it, you are only 5m away from your target, just push a little harder”. Amazed by this amazing feature? How about we tell you this waterproof fit bit even offers 5 months of battery backup and is one the most light weight waterproof fit bit ever. Moov Now sensor uses 3 times the sensors used in basic waterproof fit fit allowing this  fit bit to track your motion in real time i.e. in 3D.

You can buy this waterproof fit bit for just $59.99

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