Best Smart Watches for Kids

Looking for smart watches for kids? Today in the digital world everybody wants to own latest gadgets to benefit the latest technology. Smart watch is next kind of watches which people are favoring a lot these days. Many people are switching from analog watches to smart watch to benefit the advantages which it brings. But now a day’s smart watches are not only for adults but there are smart watches coming especially for kids. They are very much affordable and could help kids to learn new technology. Let’s move forward and see some of the best smart watches available for kids.

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Rank Smart Watch Name Price
1 Vtech Kidizoom DX  $150
2 Tinitell  $225
3 FiLIP 2  $200
4 Leapfrog Leapband  $50
5 The Moff Bank  $44.99

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Vtech Kidizoom DX ( Best smartwatch for kids) – Smart Watch

VTech Kidizoom DX is one of the widely used and best smartwatch for kids. The best feature in this smartwatch for kids is it can be used a tracking device to monitor your kid location by using the feature on this smart watch for kids.

Vtech Kidizoom DX smart watch

Features of this smart watch for kids-

  1. It comes with a 1.4 inch touchscreen display with around 20 different straps to switch so that kids get a feel of different smart watch everyday.
  2. Apart from that this smart watch for kid comes with a camera with HD video recording feature and it even records the voice.
  3. This smart watch for kids is loaded with 3 educational games so that your kid can use this smart watch for kids wisely to learn and educate.

Tinitell smart watch for kids

This smart watch for kids is really good for those parents who wants to regularly communicate with their kids. This smart watch for kids comes with a set of numbers which you can edit and the kid or you can call on those numbers anytime. For more security, this smart watch for kids also comes up with GPS which helps to track down your kid in realtime.

The best feature of this smart watch for kids is that it can be controlled using the voice too. You can say call dad and this smart watch for kids will call the number with contact name dad immediately.

FiLIP 2 – Smart Watch

FiLIP 2 would be the next watch in our list of best smart watches for kids.

FiLIP 2 - Smart Watch

Like the previous smart watch for kids, even FiLIP 2 comes up with GPS and calling feature so that you are always connected with your kid. But there is an extra benefit in this watch which makes it one of the best smart watch for kids. This smart watch for kids has SafeZone feature which is the zones which you can mark as safe, if the kid tries to leave these areas, you will get a notification.  This smart watch for kids is best for those parents who want to ensure full safety of their child.

Leapfrog Leapband – Smart Watch

This is a very different smart watch for kids. The unique idea behind this smart watch for kids is to curb the growing obesity problems by encouraging the kids to get active in their life. This smart watch for kids has great apps which educates child to stay fit and active and have different education apps too.

Leapfrog Leapband Smart Watch

The Moff – Smart Watch

The Moff is next best smart watch for kids about which we will talk about. The Moff has a very different concept. This smart watch for kids can make different sounds if the watch sensors motion. In nutshell a child can wear this smart watch and use a stick to feel a guitar.

Moff Band Wearable Smart Watch

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