Best Tips to Wear Suspenders

Wondering how to wear suspenders? Today, your fashion sense, the way you dress up defines your personality. We have seen how people react when they see a man dressed up all nice but forgot to put on a belt. Here not wearing belt kills all the time he has spent on grooming himself. Same like belts wearing the suspenders in right way can make all the difference. In United States of America suspenders remains the most preferred method to hold your trousers tight. People in States prefer to wear a suspender than belt. If you don’t know what suspender is, they are straps which are attached with your trousers in front and goes all over your shoulder and is tucked down with the trousers from behind. You can get the full idea by seeing the image below. These suspenders are available in different quality, from pure silk suspenders to synthetic rayon suspenders. But one common point which remains the same for all suspenders is they have elastic material which makes it easy to wear.

Most of the suspenders come in the X or Y shape. Some people do prefer wearing belt as it is comfortable is easy to wear for them but many people these days are going for vintage suspenders to give them self a different look and trust me, suspenders do look good on men.

How to wear a suspender?

Few men prefer to just put on the suspender and attach the trouser but these days many are going for custom designs of the grip and the holder. The holder comes in different variants like metal and plastic. We have even seen some suspenders which doesn’t come with a hook but a button.

Fun Fact: Earlier in the 90s people used to cover the suspenders with a coat of a sweater but now in the 20th century it is now considered as an element of fashion.

What color is widely used for suspenders?

People generally prefer to wear black or even dark blue or dark brown suspenders. It depends on how you want to match it with the trousers.

What should be the extra add on with the suspenders?

How about a tie? You should go with a matching color tie to give an extra touch. You can even wear a suitable jacket to give an extra touch.

What are the disadvantages of wearing a suspender?

  • Suspenders are more likely to rip free if they catch something in the holder which damages both the suspender and the trouser and in some cases even the shirt.
  • Suspenders are usually costlier than belts and if you wear a coat and shut the buttons, it will hide the look of the suspenders, in nutshell you spend a lot more money than you were spending on belt and you can’t even show people the suspender you are wearing.

What are some suspenders styles for men?

  • Choose between X and Y suspenders.
  • Keep the suspenders under your jacket and keep the jacket open and make the thing look classy.
  • Wear suspenders with only a shirt but with collar.
  • Want a vintage look? Go for the old fashioned suspender. Go for a bigger hook and slim strap and matching dark trouser.

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